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Secure Offshore Hosting

Since 2019

Secure DC has been providing premium hosting solutions to businesses who are concerned data seizure, privacy loss or business interruption. Our cloud and dedicated hosting solutions give you a higher level of privacy and data security and we are governed by their strong e-commerce laws.

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Cloud & Hybrid IT Solutions

Get an optimal mix of cloud-enabled and privately-supported applications to support all cloud connection needs.

Invert traffic flow, leveraging interconnection, bringing both clouds and users to the data
Secure integration of private and public data sets in multi-tenant data centers
Gain data-centricity that organizes cloud, core and edge in a way that enables enterprises, platforms and connectivity providers to unlock trapped value and growth

Secure DC

Operations Management

Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform(CMP) serves optimized visibilities for multi/hybrid-cloud environments and various service menus.
End User Service Desk
Our Help Desk is an outsourcing service with a single point of contact for both your system administrators and end users across the world.
IT Managed Services
Global Management One provides one-stop and seamless management services for your entire IT ecosystem.

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Concerned about Data Seizure, Privacy Loss or Business Interruption?

Enterprise Security

Security is assured though the latest firewalling and IDS technologies from Cisco, Juniper and VMware.

Latest Technology

All hosting packages run on the latest server technologies loaded with memory, fast processors and best-in-breed hard disks.

Managed Support

Backed by 10+ years of experience, our support team is second to none.